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FIG released an updated Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualification guide for gymnastics disciplines, including RG. Main pathways remain similar, a tiebreaking rules document is updated and other details seem to be ironed out.

1️⃣ Pathway 1: Top 16 of the All-Around Final of the 2019 World Championships qualify (16 gymnasts, maximum of 2/nation).

⚠️ Quotas are NON-nominative (the National Olympic Committee is awarded with it, not the gymnast)

2️⃣ Pathway 2: The three best gymnasts from the 2020 World Cup Series qualify. The best 3 AA results of the 4 World Cup Events are counted and an Olympic Qualification Ranking List will be created, based on that (3 gymnasts, maximum of 1/nation).

⚠️ Countries that already qualified two gymnasts at the 2019 World Championships are excluded.

⚠️ Quotas are NON-nominative, if this is the SECOND Olympic spot for a country (the National Olympic Committee is awarded with it, not the gymnast)

⚠️ Quotas are NOMINATIVE if this is the FIRST spot for a country (the gymnast is awarded the place by name)

⚠️ Judged by the qualification guide there is no barring of gymnasts who already won one spot for their country at the Worlds. So theoretically if a country's top gymnast won a quota at the 2019 Worlds (and that is their only quota), she can go out and win another one for the nation via the World Cup Series. Good for countries with 1 top gymnast.

3️⃣ Pathway 3: 5 quotas will be distributed at the 2020 Continental Championships (1-1-1-1-1 for Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, Oceania). The gymnast with the best individual all-around result gets the spot.

⚠️ Countries that already qualified one or two gymnasts to the Olympics are excluded, ONLY countries with no spot can obtain this quota. Only gymnasts who participated at the 2019 Worlds can get this spot.

"The highest placed athletes from the Individual All-Around results of the respective Continental Championships from NOCs not already qualified under Criteria 1 (2019 World Championships) or Criteria 2 (2020 World Cup Series), provided that the respective athlete has participated at the 2019 World Championships."

⚠️ Quotas are NOMINATIVE (the gymnast is awarded the place by name)

🇯🇵 Japan gets 1 host spot. But only if they don't qualify via pathways 1, 2 or 3, which is virtually impossible. So this quota will be re-allocated for...

..."the quota place will be allocated to the next highest ranked eligible athlete by name from a NOC not qualified through Criteria 1 (2019 World Championships), 2 (2020 World Cup Series) or 3 (2020 Continental Championships) based on the individual ranking results of Individual All-Around Final (if there are no more gymnasts, who can get it, from the Qualification) from 2019 World Championships."

⚠️ So if I understand this well, ONLY countries that have no quota yet are eligible for this place if Japan does not need it.

🌏 Tripartite Commission spot (1 quota). Only gymnasts participating at the 2019 World Championships are eligible.

⚠️ NOCs can apply for this spot until 15 January 2020.

⚠️ Tripartite place eligibility is regulated by an IOC document that I cannot find yet, but this place should end up with a small Olympic delegation country. Probably Sri Lanka can get it for Anna-Marie Ondaatje.


1️⃣ Pathway 1: 2018 World Championships All-Around. Russia, Italy and Bulgaria already qualified. 🇷🇺🇮🇹🇧🇬 (3 groups, already taken)

2️⃣ Pathway 2: The five best groups of the General Competitions (Qualifications & AA) at the 2019 World Championships (5 groups)

3️⃣ Pathway 3: 1-1-1-1-1 group from the 2020 Continental Championships (Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, Oceania). (5 groups)

⚠️ Only groups that competed at the 2018 Worlds are eligible

⚠️ If there is no group competition at a Continental Championships, the continental place is lost and re-allocated for the next best, not already qualified group of the 2019 Worlds.

🇯🇵 Japan gets 1 host spot if they don't get it via pathway 2 and 3 (very improbable). If they don't need it, the place is re-allocated for the next best, not already qualified group of the 2019 Worlds.

⚖ FIG OFFICIAL GUIDE HERE: https://www.gymnastics.sport/publicdir/rules/files/en_Olympic%20Qualification%20System%202020.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3lC4SIv5QAr74wmofKzUyonYHxfNZpqyKBYWFjPmguowzq8_64FTpyVC4


🍼 ONLY gymnasts born on or before 31 December 2004 are eligible for the Olympics.

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